Aulas para gravidas

(Classes for pregnancy woman)
4f ás 17h, Rua Palmira 66 3C, Anjos

Seed of Life Online 
Holistic Pre and Postnatal Birth Course

(Curso para preparação do parto, Seed of Life)

A pregnancy training for women who want to make a conscious journey into motherhood from a holistic point of view

We are going to embarked on an exciting journey. Whether you are already a mom, becoming a mom for the first.This program will empower you to follow your inner voice with confidence.

Becoming a mother is a life changing event that deserves good care. The wellbeing of the mother is of big influence of the wellbeing of the baby. This makes a pregnancy a beautiful opportunity to learn how to take good care of yourself and practice self-love.

Is a 6 weeks course were we can go to  all  subjects, in  a profund way, for time to  explore, ask,take douts.

Starts: 1 of May until 5 of June
Price: €150

The spoken language will be English with possible translation to Portuguese and Spanish